Are Plush Toys Safe For Dogs Or Not?

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Just like we go crazy over plush toys, our pets especially the dogs love them a lot. Once your dog grabs these plush toys they will tend to bite off these toys habitually. So, if these toys do contain some sort of chemicals, there is a high chance that your dog may consume them. Even though you may not expect it, the plush toys you bought may not be safe for your dogs and pose a threat. Rest assured, as not all of them cause such harm to your furry friend. Moreover, there are several precautions that you have to keep an eye out for the safety of your pet. Now let us find out all the inside details about the toys and several tips on how we can protect them by giving them the best.

What are these plush toys made of?

Typically, plush toys are usually made with plush fabric, cotton, wood wool, and more. However, as you may already know, not all toys are manufactured in a similar way. When it comes to filling, it is typically made out of non-toxic polyester fluff. However, if digested this can cause a serious threat to your fluffy friends’ health. Unfortunately, there are no safety regulations when it comes to manufacturing toys for your fluffy friends. As a dog owner, you have to carry out this responsibility on your shoulder and choose the correct toy for the well-being of your pet.

Red flags to change the plush toys for the safety of dogs

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1. Squeaky sound

Did you buy a toy that has a squeaky sound for your dog? Without any delay take the toy away from your dog asap. There are several reasons to separate this toy from your dog. First of all, according to experts, this squeaky sound may aggravate your dog which will eventually lead to destructive behavior. In some cases, your pet may become hyperactive as an impact of such toys. Moreover, the toy has a plastic mechanism to emit a squeaky noise. If your dogs bite off the plush toys while playing, it may not safe for your dogs. For instance, your dog may choke on them while swallowing.

2. Smaller toys

Typically, dog owners do not give much thought to the size of the toy that they bought. However, the toy size plays a vital role when it comes to the safety of your furry friend. Amidst playing your dog will move around a lot carrying the toy in its mouth. If the toy is much smaller in size, your dog will have a hard time playing around. Not to mention, that there is a possibility of swallowing the entire thing accidentally. In some cases, the toy may be lodged in the throat of the dog, making your pet feel discomfort. So, when you are out to purchase a toy, choose a larger toy that the dog cannot swallow.

3. Look out for plastic
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Since you are purchasing plush toys, there is nothing that could go wrong. Well, do you think the same? If yes, this is far from the truth. The reason is that some plush toys can have plastic components. Typically, the parts like eyes. nose and buttons often consist of plastic. So, before you give the toy to your dog, check whether there is any plastic part in the toy. If there is any doubt of a risk, remove the toy from the dog right away.

4. Visible damage to the toy

Biting the toy is quite natural when playing. However, without your knowledge, your dog may rip off the toy or damage it. Make sure to check if the toy ripped or not frequently. The reason is when biting the toy, your dog may accidentally digest the inside filling that may be fatal to your dog. For instance, polystyrene filling is dangerous for dogs. However, even if the dog swallows it without much of an issue it may cause internal problems in the digestive system. So, if you are a dow owner remove such toys or repair them immediately.

Parting Thoughts!

After the end of the article, you may have realized that there are several precautions that you should keep an eye on. Especially, if you are a dog owner, you have to consider a lot before purchasing toys for your furry friend. Otherwise, even though you may not think of it, the toys may be fatal to your pet. So, the next time you are purchasing plush toys or any other toys make sure to check their filling and look out for any plastic components as they may not be safe for your dogs.

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