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Many of the users who visit our website forward us with many inquiries that they would like to request more information about our products and service. See some of the commonly asked information here.

Do you provide OEM and ODM?

Absolutely. All our Kids Items are supported for any kind of customization that you may need to use them to be sold under your business’ brand name.

What's the standard of your Designs?

Our Design Center is located in Denver, Colorado in the USA, with the best of international designers and researchers to ensure the best unique, design.

What materials do you use?

We only use the highest grade premium material to manufacture all our products that ensures the greatest feel and the stunning look with high safety.

Do you do small bulks?

Yes. We support all types of orders whether it is in large or small quantities. All kinds of orders will be treated with no discrimination.

Will the large bulks be delayed?

No. Out manufacturing facilities are highly equipped to handle any number of product orders with a rapid output, with the quality preserved in every item.

How is the distribution handled?

Tochang hand;es the entire logistics process of the client orders through their fast and reliable shipping services that ensure a fast delivery around the world.

The Pioneer in Kids Items

Tochang Kids is the leading brand in the world for manufacturing and distributing Kids Items including Kids Bags, Toys and many others. All the items we produce are supported to be manufactured with OEM and ODM to support the worldwide brands of Kids Items. We currently possess the trust of many leading Kids Brands in the world.