Cloth Books For Kids – How to Clean Them For Better Care

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Cloth books are an excellent tool to teach your toddlers to read from an earlier stage of their lives. And that is why they have become a popular item in recent times as parent tends to buy them at a high rate. Because they can teach their kids important language skills that will benefit them before they go to preschool. But not many of these parents do not know how to properly maintain these cloth books for kids. Because these books have a high usage as toddlers tend to read them everywhere they go these books tend to get dirty often. So these books may not last a long period as they will depreciate quickly with enough worn and tear. However, the information inside this small post will help you to avoid this situation.

With longer use, the kids will be able to absorb all the knowledge inside these books for the better of their intellectual development. A key factor that will determine the future of your kids providing them with the ability to develop their skills. Whether it’s language or knowledge, cloth books or soft plush books are the best tools to have for toddlers. So let’s find out how you can maintain these books for a longer period.

There are two ways you can do the cleaning process with cloth books. First, you can machine wash them, and you can hand wash them. Hence, we will learn how to do these two processes in detail next.

Machine Washing

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The machine washing process is a simple process that does not take a while to do. So you need the cloth book and put it on a pillow case or a cloth cover before washing. Because you do not want to mix up the cloth book with other types of laundry. And it is much better for both the cloth book and other types of laundry for you to do so. After you cover it up and put the book inside the washer make sure to use cold water to do the washing. Also, put your machine setting to the “Gentle” setting to avoid any damage to the books. Because if you were to use a lot of force inside the washer, then it can sometimes lead to tear and wear.

You can take the cloth books for the kids after the washing process is done and dry them up as usual. Keep in mind to use fabric softeners and detergents that are safe and suitable for kids while you wash these books. Because they are the same as your child’s clothes since they are around your kids for a lot of time. If you are afraid of getting tears and wear during the machine washing process, then you can try the hand washing method. Even though this process is a little bit longer, this method is a lot safer for cloth books for kids.

So follow the simple step-by-step guide below to hand-wash cloth books.

Hand Washing

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1. Use Cold Water

First and foremost, you need to take a container and fill it up with cold water. And you can use the sink as well to do this in your kitchen or bathroom. Also, you can mix washing powder that is suitable for kids with cold water as well or you can ignore them since it is not a necessary ingredient for the washing process for these cloth books for kids.

2. Soak the Cloth Books

After gathering enough water, the next step is the soaking process. You need to soak the cloth books well enough until each page is wet from water. Turn the book page by page to guarantee a good soaking process for the entire book. You need to do this process with extra caution since it is necessary for a good cleaning. Leave the book soaked in water for a while before you move on to the next step of this guide.

3. Use Detergents & softeners

Just like you did in the machine washing process, use kid-friendly fabric detergents and softeners during the soaking period. And this will remove any germs and dirt that are remaining inside these cloth books for kids. Also, with fabric softeners, the cloth books will become comfortable to use for the kids. These softeners will provide a great scent to the cloth book as well, making the kid happier to read them more next time.

4. Remove the Water

After you have done the soaking process, wait for a few minutes and remove the water from the cloth books. To do this process, you should not squeeze the books like regular clothes. Because this will lead to wear and tear around the books damaging. So you need to take a towel and place the books inside between the folds. After that, you need to press on the towel with great strength to help it absorb and remove the water remaining inside the cloth books. Do this for a few minutes until most of the water is removed from the books.

5. Dry

After removing the water from the cloth books, now you can place them in a sunny area to dry up. And this will conclude the handwashing process for the books. But remember that the cleaning process is different for each type of fabric that the manufacturer uses to create the cloth books. So many types in the market require less maintenance than your average cloth book. So if you are busy and do not want to use a lot of your time washing cloth books, then we have the best solution for you.

Best Fabric to Choose for Cloth Books for Kids

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Neoprene Cloth Books contains one of the finest types of fabric you can use on creating cloth books for kids. Because neoprene is a rubber compound that has great benefits for children’s products. Benefits like durability, flexibility, and even less maintenance make this fabric perfect for cloth books. Because you can easily wipe and clean the cloth book by using water or sanitizer. And this makes neoprene fabric one of the most sought-after materials in the world today for different types of products. So if you are planning to buy a cloth book for your child with less maintenance, then this is the product for you.

So there are a lot of business opportunities in selling neoprene cloth books as well. Therefore if you are someone who has a children’s toy store or business that sells children’s products, then contact us today and we will provide you will all the information about our products and how they will bring money to your business.

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