How to Ensure The Safety of the Child With Their New Plushies

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Surely, when you are shopping for toys, buying the safest toy out there is the top priority on your list. After all, being a parent might be a whole new experience for you. Well, no need to panic when you are shopping for your child. All, you have left to do is see whether the newly bought plushies are up to par with all these safety tips. If it does, then you are in the safe zone as you pick the right toy from the shop.

Remember that what you are giving is not just a mere toy. Well, it has everything to do with your child’s development and learning. Thus, you can’t be too relaxed and consider that plushies are only a means of fun and plaything for your child. No doubt that your children will love the toys you bought. However, the perfect toy will aid in healthy growth and development while providing ample opportunities for them to learn. Now, let us take a look at the criteria you need to figure out the right toys for your child.

Tips for Choosing the Best Plushies for Kids

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1. Avoid toys with long cords or string

If you have a toddler, you may have seen that the moment the child grasp something, it will go into the mouth in a matter of second. Well, that is quite normal unless the child does not swallow anything that is not supposed to. In addition, sometimes, children tend to tangle the cords in their necks and may choke on them. This is why when you are choosing the toys, you have to opt for plushies without any long cords or strings. Just to make sure the toy is safe, check the plushie thoroughly.

2. No removable parts or limbs

Some stuffed animals, action figures, and other toys may have removable limbs or accessories that may not be safe for your child. Most importantly, do not forget to remove the price tag or any other tags of the toy. Get rid of those immediately, before you give the child any of the toys. Moreover, some plushies have marble or glass buttons, noses, or eyes. These may get detached from the toy and cause a safety hazard for your child. So, the next time you purchase the toys, check for removable parts and tags to scoop up a safe toy.

3. Choose soft toys without sharp edges

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Even though it may be small enough to go unnoticed, a tiny sharp edge is enough to cause a huge disaster. For instance, while playing your child may get hurt by these sharp edges. Moreover, check each toy after playing for any damages. Especially, for toddlers, each toy should be welded properly. Even certain stuffed toys may have sharp plastic edges, do not let any of them slip from your sight. If you are suspicious of a particular toy, get rid of it immediately.

4. Avoid old toys

Do you have your old toys which you played with in your childhood? Surely, you have used them quite well and gently for these to last for such a long time. However, no matter what, do not give your old plushies or other old toys to your child. Since these are pretty old, there is a high chance the toys may get ripped quite easily. Even if your closest relative offer to give you their toys, kindly reject them in a polite manner. After all, since you do not have the packaging, there is no way to figure out whether these old toys are up to par with the safety standards or not.

5. Choose according to age

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Not only plushies but every other toy you bought, there is of the correct age which is typically mentioned on the label of the original packaging. This is for the purpose to inform the parents about the safety guidelines and finding out whether their child is at the right age to play with the toy. For instance, if the label says “not for children under 3 years”, you know what to do. So, before you purchase any of the plushies that your child may be fond of, take a moment to read out the label which describes the appropriate age.

6. Ensure the quality

Always consider purchasing plushies of quality instead of low-grade toys. So, make sure to check the quality before you get your hands on any of them. You can check the quality by gently pushing the plushies. Moreover, you can see clearly when there is a poor job done when sewing or knitting. If it is not durable enough, there is a high chance that the toy gets torn quite easily when playing. In the worse case, when the toy gets ripped, the child may put the stuffing in their mouth which will lead to another disaster.

Parting Thoughts!

Finding the very best plushies and other toys that do not impose any safety hazards is what every parent prefers to get. However, as there is a wide range of brands available, finding the perfect toy can be a quite challenge at first. Especially, as a parent, you can’t choose a toy that will lead to a whole new disaster. Luckily, we know just where to get the finest toys for your precious babies.

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