What is The Most Durable Backpack Material?

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Which type of school backpack should I buy for the next school season is a question that many parents have in their minds. Because it is so much harder to find the right backpack that helps your kids to carry their school necessities. The reason for this situation is that there are many school backpacks of lower quality in the market. And these backpacks won’t last long and is very bad when it comes to ergonomic standards. Many of these problems derive from the backpack material which the manufacturer used to make the school backpack. Since many parents do not know how to choose a school backpack that offers longevity. But with this article, we will inform you about the most durable backpack material on the market right now. And this information will help you to buy the best school backpacks for your kids.

Not just school backpacks, you can use this information to buy all types of backpacks that suit your needs. For example, for traveling and hiking, the durability of a backpack is a must-have feature. So you can consider backpacks with the material that we will tell you about when you are out shopping next time. And it will lead you to never worry about the durability of the backpack you buy when it comes to its usage.

Neoprene – The Most Durable Backpack Material

Neoprene or Polychloroprene is a type of synthetic rubber that has excellent durability. And not just for backpacks, neoprene has many uses in a variety of industries today as a raw material. For example, neoprene is famous for its use in manufacturing wetsuits and medical braces of all sorts. Because the main characteristics the manufacturers want from this material are its flexibility and durability. And this is why neoprene is so popular in these industries as one of the best materials to choose from by many businesses. Other than its high durability, neoprene offers some unique features to its products. And these features it offers as a backpack material are perfect for the use of manufacturing school backpacks.

After reading the following factors, you will understand why we suggest buying neoprene backpacks for your kids. And you will definitely try to buy these backpacks at least once for your children. Because the advantages are really high for both you and for the child.

Other Benefits of Neoprene

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1. Wrinkle Resistance

Neoprene won’t wrinkle easily like other materials. The main reason for this is fabric structure is not normal like other materials. As it is a rubber compound they don’t have thread structure like other fabrics. So neoprene as a backpack material is resistant to wrinkles. And this feature is perfect for school backpacks for pre-schoolers and pre-adolescent kids ages 3 – 12 years old. Because these kids are the most playful and active compared to young adults.

Since they are always wearing backpacks even when they are playing, the backpack may wrinkle and lose its shape and decorum. But you won’t find this case when it comes to neoprene backpacks. And that is why these backpacks have become so popular among parents recent times from around the world.

2. Easy to Clean

This material does not need high maintenance like other fabrics you see in backpacks. Because neoprene is easily washable as a material and it passes down this characteristic to its products as well. So not just for backpacks, most neoprene products are easily cleanable and require minimum maintenance. And this characteristic or benefit of neoprene is again perfect for school backpacks especially as kids tend to dirty the backpacks more than anything. Since they do not properly place the backpack in clean and proper areas while they are in school or at the playground.

As a parent, you can give a quick wipe over the neoprene backpack and clean it within a few minutes to bring it back to normal. Again this is another reason why neoprene as a backpack material is earning huge popularity among parents today.

3. Water Resistant

Water resistant capability of neoprene is the reason why you can see why many it is used in many products that require water resistance like wetsuits. And when it comes to backpacks, this is again a good feature as it protects the backpack from rain and other water sources. So the books and other school accessories inside the backpack won’t get damaged if your kid ever come across a rainy day.

Since you won’t be able to stop your kids from playing in the rain or get water onto their bags from the playground or the fountain, it is always better to have a water-resistant backpack that will protect their school stuff. Due to these reasons, you can see a high demand for these neoprene backpacks in the rainy seasons of the year.

4. Heat Resistant

Neoprene as a backpack material is also resistant to heat as well. Not just heat, neoprene can withstand a great range of temperatures whether it’s low or high. So exposure to something like sunlight won’t damage the neoprene backpacks. Since children are always outside after school playing on the grounds or courts, they sometimes leave behind their backpacks in areas where there is sunlight. And long exposure to sunlight can harm fabrics and lower their durability as time goes by. But this will not happen with neoprene backpacks as they have high heat resistance ability.

Parting Thoughts!

After reading the above post, you can understand why neoprene is the best backpack material there is and all the benefits it brings to school kids. So if you are a parent, then make sure to buy your kid a neoprene backpack as well for the next season. But its benefits do not stop there if you are a businessman who owns a business selling backpacks or a reseller who deals with various commodities then there is a big opportunity in dealing wholesale neoprene backpacks. Because of its high demand in the market, it will be a profitable item to sell at your business.

But to do this, you need to find a good wholesale backpack manufacturer that deals with neoprene well. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these businesses in the market today, so it will be difficult to find a good supplier. However, luckily for you, this is the home of one of the best wholesale neoprene backpack manufacturers in the world. So you can contact us anytime and get information about our products for your business.

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