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wholesale custom backpacks for school

Some schools, as you may know, provide their children with custom backpacks. And these backpacks have the school’s colours and logos to make them unique to their school. So this trend has been around for a while, and many schools have started to provide them for your children. But before you buy them for your school or institution, there are some factors you should consider. And that is why this article will help you to buy the wholesale custom backpacks you can afford.

If you wonder why you should consider the following factors? You will find your answer after going through this article. Since various things influence when you select a good backpack. Because ultimately, the children will affect a lot if you were to buy low-quality backpacks. And it will lead to many complaints from many concerned parents about your school. So you need to buy wholesale custom backpacks from a good supplier to meet their expectations. And that is why at the end of this article, you will be able to find the best place to buy them as well. But first, let’s find learn about those factors to get a better understanding of what you should consider.

5 Factors you should consider when buying wholesale custom backpacks

wholesale school bacpacks
  • OEM

Original equipment manufacturing or OEM is surely needed if you are buying custom wholesale backpacks. Because it will allow you to design the backpack from scratch. So you need to check if your supplier can provide you with this service first before you select one. Because if they can’t offer this service, you won’t be able to design the bag the way you want. Because this service will allow you to determines the size, the straps, the pockets, and more when you are making a custom backpack from your supplier. And you have to go for premade bags instead and sometimes they might not suit for school. And when you consider the different sizes the children wear at your school, then you need to have this service as well. Therefore if you are looking to make wholesale custom backpacks make sure your supplier provides this service.

  • ODM

The next part that comes after OEM is ODM or original design manufacturing. If you are looking to design the backpack with your logos on and colours, then you need to have this service from the supplier. Since it will allow you to determine everything design-wise when it comes to the backpack. Because even if they do not have OEM, they still can do ODM on premade school backpacks. But if this service is not available from the supplier, then you won’t be able to make wholesale custom backpacks. But a combination of both OEM and ODM is the perfect solution for you. Since you can do them both in one place rather than going to two separate suppliers. So these services are vital from the supplier you chose and makes sure to find a good one that provides a high-quality service.

  • Ergonomics

Other than OEM and ODM, one of the main factors you should consider before buying custom backpacks is their ergonomics. Because the backpack should not give any health problems to its wearer. And you should especially consider this factor when considering children. Because if it’s designed in a way that brings harm to the child, then it will bring you a lot of problems as well. So you need to find the right supplier that will provide you with a backpack with perfect ergonomics. Since parents will be always on your ears if the backpacks you buy bring harm to their children. But you should also be aware of this problem as it can harm the wellbeing and education of the child.

Even if you take care of the design when buying wholesale custom backpacks, your supplier should be knowledgeable about its ergonomics. And they should provide you with advice to design the perfect backpack that will not cause any health problems.

  • Quantity supplied

When buying anything wholesale, you need to consider the quantity supplied from the supplier. If the supplier is not able to provide the amount you order at once, then you will be in trouble. Since some of the children at your school have backpacks and some won’t. And it will lead to conflicts between parents and you as they would wonder why their children’s backpacks aren’t here yet. And also, the children will wonder and feel left behind if they do not have a backpack from their school. Therefore find out the amount your supplier can supply at once first before you order. And you will be able to resolve a lot of problems that come after by finding out the quantity supplied.

  • Price

Price is also an important variable when buying wholesale custom backpacks. Because you are buying a lot of bags for your schools, they need to be affordable. And normally some schools charge money for the backpacks they provide from the parents. So if you are also planning to do that then you need to buy affordable bags for everyone. Because sometimes not every parent can afford a pricy backpack for their children. Therefore the backpacks you buy and provide them should be affordable. But that does not mean you need to find cheap backpacks that are not up to a good standard. And that is why you should find a supplier that can provide you with high-quality backpacks at a affordable price.


After going through the above factors, you can understand how important it is to have a good supplier. Since it is really important when you are buying wholesale custom backpacks of high-quality. But you need to be careful when selecting a supplier as not all provide a satisfactory product or service. And that is why we will help you by leading you to one of the best backpack manufacturers in the industry.

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